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 George Reeves
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 James Darren

Official Celebrity Websites:

The Celebrity Hosting Network was established in 2001 as a service to celebrities, past and present, who enjoy having a personal website. With the passing of time, I'm sorry to say that some of the personalities that I've had the pleasure of maintaining websites for have passed away, so I have removed their websites and just kept these remaining few. You may not recognize some of their names, but their faces will be familiar to any television enthusiast of my generation. It's been fun getting to know these great personalities.

Tribute Sites:

Also included on are some personal websites of my own. The tribute sites are dedicated to "my heroes", some of my favorite childhood actors who are no longer with us. I feel they still need to have a presence on the internet as they are never to be forgotten. To me, these actors were some of the best. Through their portrayals, they were idolized by many. I hope old and new generations of fans will find these tributes interesting and informative.

Fan Sites:

As of now, 2023, I've had to delete some of my fan sites and tribute sites because I was reaching the maximum storage I am allowed on my hosting package. More websites may get deleted this year, so this service may not be around much past 2023, sorry to say.


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