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 BarBara Luna
 Ruta Lee


 George Reeves
 Clayton Moore
 Guy Williams


 James Darren

Official Celebrity Websites:

The Celebrity Hosting Network was established in 2001 as a service to celebrities I've gotten to know over the years who expressed an interest in having a personal website. With the passing of time, I'm sorry to say, some of these personalities now no longer wish to have a website, so I've kept these remaining few. Their faces will be familiar to any television enthusiast of my generation.

Tribute Sites:

Also included on are some personal websites of my own. The tribute sites are dedicated to "my heroes", some of my favorite childhood actors who are no longer with us. I feel they still need to have a presence on the internet as they are never to be forgotten. To me, these actors were some of the best. Through their portrayals, they were idolized by many. I hope old and new generations of fans will find these tributes interesting and informative.

Fan Sites:

I love James Darren!


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